About Us

Tropical Escapades expertize is customized trips that remain etched in your memory. We organize a personalized experience for every traveler to have an outstanding vacation. The quality of our guides, hotels, activities and itineraries is our main priority.

Our competitive pricing allows any class of person to discover the beauties the pacific coast has to offer. We pay very special attention to every request, which has made our reputation over the years.

Early adventurers, passionate fishermen and nature lovers, this could be the trip of a lifetime!

Our team

Our team is professional, dynamic and courteous. Experienced local guides and captains have been carefully selected. Here are some of them.


Cindy Boulanger
President & Travel Agent Representative
"With over 10 years in the tourism industry, my passion is focussing on innovation and being challenged with new projects and promoting dazzling adventures. There is no better feeling than to see smiles on travelers’ faces of appreciation after a memorable journey.”

Our Staff Carlos
Carlos Martinez
Horseback riding
Languages: Spanish & English
Raised on a cattle farm surrounded by the forest, Carlos knows a lot about the fauna and flora of Costa Rica. He became our main touristic horseback riding guide in 2012 after finishing his English studies. Faithful customers ask for him year after year as he always has a new interesting fact to teach about nature.

Our Staff Walas
Eduardo Artavia
Specialty: Mountain Hikes
Language: Spanish
His free time is spent in the mountain forests, his teacher is Mother Nature and his passion is to share the beauty of the world to others. He pays attention to any noise and movement to give travelers the best chances of seeing wildlife. Everybody calls him Walas, he is the one to look for to feel safe in the jungle.

Our Staff Beto

Carlos Albero Lobo
Specialty: Inshore Fishing
Languages: Spanish & English
Called Beto, he is surely the most in-demand inshore fishing Captain in Southern Costa Rica,  catching more fish than anyone else. A local to the region, Beto spends every single day on the water, uses different fishing techniques and knows the best spots to find any kind of saltwater species.

Our Staff Jeremy

Jeremy Cerdas
Specialty: Offshore Fishing
Languages: Spanish & English
With many years of experience as a boat captain, Jeremy’s expertise is sail fishing and marlin fishing. Having won several offshore fishing tournaments in Costa Rica and the United States, fishermen are always excited to go on a charter with him.

Our Staff Robalo

Roberto Carranza
Specialty: Caverns & Minivan Driver
Language: Spanish
Nicknamed Robalo, Roberto is an energetic and passionate guide. Robalo has a singular sense of orientation that makes tourists feel comfortable in underground dark labyrinths. He also drives a ten passenger minivan and will drive you anywhere you want in the country, letting you discover amazing places.

Our Staff Walkoms

Walkoms Cambronero
Specialty: Horseback Riding & Waterfall Rappelling
Languages: Spanish & English
Local guide Walkoms specializes in training horses and loves racing with them. Be ready for an extreme adventure as you may be challenged with big jumps, rappelling a waterfall, or passing over obstacles while riding your horse.

Our Staff Fernando

Fernando Zelaya
Specialty: Canyoning
Language: Spanish
Certified canyoning guide with many years of experience in climbing and rappelling waterfalls, Fernando is an adventure enthusiast that will bring you to some of the most unknown and incredible natural sceneries.