Baby Boomer Vacations

Fueled by a strong desire to explore, baby boomers make up the largest segment of the traveling public to South Costa Rica. Tropical Escapade is particularly aware that their travel desires often differ greatly from younger travelers. Either it is your first time in the country or you’re a faithful snowbird, you will definitively find your place between locals and travelers as the life here is Pura Vida. For its high standard of living, Costa Rica attracts many expats. Numerous North Americans and Europeans fall in love with the renowned Osa Peninsula and making this destination in the top five best retirement getaway in the world. The Pacific coast is much less crowded and dotted with simple waterside villages where expats mingle with friendly locals. It is safe and stable with a growing economy. The Southern Pacific is described as a little paradise, especially for its year-round temperate climate, the Pacific coastline, the peaceful nature, the cost of living, and the relaxed lifestyle.

There are a number of sights not to miss in this unparalleled area. Our baby boomers personalized activities focus on easy going and short nature excursions, cultural and informative tours, boat rides, and some more extreme experiences for adventurers. Avid adventure travelers will be delighted while exploring forests beyond carefully marked and manicured trails in one of the wildest and most remote corners of the planet. With a giant journey in mind, watch cascading waterfalls fall from the sky, see massive trees come up around the corner, toucans soaring above head and monkeys popping up to say hello. After all, retirement is the perfect time to travel the world and visit the places you've always wanted to see in person.

We provide great insight for your next leisure trip, from desired jungle-covered hillside lodging, to restaurants with breath-taking panoramic views, to unforgettable activities. Many people choose to rent an apartment or a house for their short or long term stay instead of going to a hotel to have more privacy and save some money. In addition to your preferences, the main considerations that we take into account by selecting your relaxing vacation destination as a rental, is the low maintenance, accessibility to stores, restaurants and local events/activities and all-inclusive amenities including pool, barbecue and terrace.

Embark on a once-in- a-lifetime trip with Tropical Escapade, now is the time to take on your bucket list!

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