Immersion Programs


immersion-1A total integration to the community that fosters cross-cultural connections and an insider’s access into authentic traditions. Tropical Escapade immersion and gap year programs strive to give an exceptional opportunity to inspired individuals and proactive group, enabling them to be meaningfully involved in the realities of another country, and to understand it richness and complexities in depth. From cultural immersion, volunteer programs, student internships to language study programs, our travel experts design intensive and personalized itineraries that meet traveler interests, professional goals, or those with a limited time-frame or budget.

For those who have a passion for thrilling adventures, serving people in need or are looking for engaging cultural opportunities, this enriching experience will definitely meet your expectations. Go back home with new skills, invaluable connections and a deeper awareness to help you thrive with different intercultural global issues. This is the real school of life, so let this new environment be your teacher!


A typical day consists of sharing your background abilities in morning sociocultural workshops (eco-building project, municipality maintenance, child-minding, farmers and animal help, marketing, etc.) and the afternoon of outdoor challenging adventures (waterfall discoveries, rain forest treks, canyoning, etc.). The program focuses on participants’ involvement in the community, communication in a foreign language, and ecotourism excursions. Daily schedules are intensive, with structured cultural activities that encourage interactions and direct support in the local community. Be prepared to be busy and totally immersed for your entire stay! See an example of a typical 4 week activity schedule here


Step aboad on this safe experience to see the world from a new perspective in a welcoming family that has extra space to share and is interested in meeting people from all over the world. Host families are required to initially spend time with travelers to make them feel at home and be able to find their way around. Get the most out of the experience while being involved in locals’ day-to-day realities offering another pair of hands on an ongoing basis. Benefit from a homestay accommodation that gives you a chance to improve Spanish language skills with native speakers, become familiar with the local lifestyle, and get to know the real side of Costa Rica building lifelong friendships with host siblings and parents.

There are rules and guidelines to follow for both the guests and their assigned families. Visitors should be willing to share housework and be respectful of the host’s property and personal space. Safety is our priority, our host families are carefully vetted and must comply with our strict guidelines prior to receiving any individuals. Families are identified before the trip and making a contact before travelling is possible most of the time. Some can host two people and others only one person, each of them provide electricity and potable water, but may not have hot water. Wi-Fi Internet connection is available in most restaurants in town in case your homestay doesn’t have access to it.


You must have your own medical insurance that will cover incase of any incidents during your time in Costa Rica either when volunteering, studying or participating in any activities. Here are some travel insurance deals for travelers that provide a good coverage.

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On-site Fees and Personal Expenses

There will be evening and weekend optional activities on site that involve a participation fee. Some lunches may need to be covered by you on full day adventures. Personal expenses can vary considerably, we require you to have $2000 available on a credit/debit card or in a bank account for emergencies, personal and extraordinary expenses. Host families will advise each traveler where the closest ATM and banks are located.

Organization & Support

Tropical Escapade is actively involved in the community and encourages the conservation of the urban greenery while accomplishing stimulating projects with the municipality. We motivate locals and host families to be part of the projects and learn foreign languages.

Once travelers are in Costa Rica, we ensure in-country support 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the entire program period. Participants will always be welcome to voice questions and concerns to the program leaders. Tropical Escapade will handle all the logistics so that the participants’ role is to enjoy the daily activities. The success of the experience largely depends on each individual’s willingness to fully involve themselves in the program. Benefits are endless!


As a traveler

No matter what your background, occupation or age is, if you have a vibrant desire to learn more about the world, and value making friends with like-minded people this is for you. If you want to demonstrate leadership in problem-solving situations and appreciate increased intercultural understanding then you are the right candidate for this program. With many different activities and volunteering roles available, you will find what best meets your needs in terms of scheduling and interests. Your involvement will make a real difference in the lives of host families, local community and the world.


Applicants must have high personal motivation and the ability to adjust to different social and cultural norms. Our application process is thorough to ensure Tropical Escapade offers the right program for you.


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As a host

Hosting a foreigner is a life-changing experience not only for the traveler but for your entire family. By opening a home and your heart to an overseas teenager or adult, you will gain a new global perspective and make invaluable memories. Share customs and your family’s traditions while discovering a new culture right from your home.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of alumni, recent college graduates, professionals, travelers and even retirees are hoping to find a family that will open up a world of possibilities for them. If your family is willing to provide guidance, love and support to a person embarking on a journey of self-discovery, hosting is for you!

Hosting will better connect your family to the world in which we live. It brings culture and a sense of adventure to your children while teaching them valuable lessons about acceptance and global unity.

To ensure a successful exchange between your family and the foreign person, Tropical Escapade provides you with dedicated travelers and staff. At all times we will be available to answer all questions from assisting in the selection of your guest(s). If issues arise, you can contact your assigned coordinator 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tell us a little bit about you and if your profile seems interesting to us we will contact you to get more precise details.


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Difficulty Level
Designed for you
Minimum Age: 16 Years
Food Provided: All meals in host family
Provided: Transfers from the airport, Accomodation in a host family, Activities