Sunrise Climbing Excursion

For a very unique experience, hike up a hill in the completely dark forest trying to find the endangered glass frog and other rare nocturnal wildlife. The trail ends in front of a tree so tall your flashlight can’t even reach the top! Put on your safety harness and ascend a jungle ladder tied to the tree. Once you get to the platform get your camera ready for an amazing sunrise overlooking the clouds down in the valley and enjoy the spectacular rainbow-colored show. Stay quiet to observe a variety of flamboyant birds singing and the spider monkeys playing around from an unusual angle - they don’t expect any humans to be sitting on the highest tree top. While you gather yourself and realize how high you are, get ready for a adrenalin filled descent. Spot the beautiful bay of Golfito and enjoy the mountain view as you rappel freely to the ground.


Difficulty Level
Price: $50 USD
Price per person
Minimum of 2 people

Duration: 90 minutes
Group Size: up to 6 people
Minimum Age: 10 Years
Food Provided: Drink
Provided: Transport from Golfito, equipment and guide
What To Wear: Light clothing, Running shoes
What To Bring: Camera, Water, Insect repellent
Cancellation Policy: Refund 48 hours prior to the trip, less 10% cancellation fee