Go on a journey that will definitely make you feel a rush of excitement.

In this adrenaline packed escapade, walk along one of the less traveled mountainous paths of Golfito where you have big chances to see some wildlife. The adventure takes place in a protected rainforest of Golfito. Most of the trail is on the edge of a mountain going up, the total elevation of the hike is about 150 meters (500 feet). As you go on, the scenery changes to an evergreen forest and the sounds of the birds changes for the water dropping announcing that you are getting closer to tie your harness and helmet for an adrenaline rush.

Clothes that will get wet
Water Bottle  Waterproof Camera
Sunblock Spare Clothes
Guide Transport from Golfito
Entrance Fees Safety Equipment
Drinks Snacks
NOTES Minimum of 3 people for this price.
Advanced tour available for $145 per person



Get thoroughly soaked after a heat beating hike with a rewarded jump in a natural jacuzzi. Looking up, the water is falling as high as your eyes can reach in the dense forest.  While you are cooling down in the water, your guide will explain some important instructions for the canyoning. Having the correct rappelling technic will make you fulling enjoy the activity. If your guide notice that you feel comfortable going down the falls, he might even show you some of his special tricks.



After the first rappel, slide and walk down over rocky uneven terrain looking for poisonous frogs. Keep the fun going while hanging over more waterfalls that spill into fresh sparkling pools.


Weave between boulders and sturdy logs as the river gets narrow for the last rappel. The scariest from the top, even if it is only a few meters high, this is the favorite rappel of most adventurers. You will feel a sensation of unknow because you can’t see behind the waterfall only until you cross it. The only thing you can do is to apply the technic you’ve been practicing in the two previous rappel and trust the instructions of your guide. Once at the bottom, take a deep breath and pass under the waterfall.

This adventure empowers you to discover, learn and play!

Please, let us know if you need more info about this Amazing Adventure

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Experience an exciting journey though the rainforest starting with an entertaining hike by the river and get ready for the Adventure! Activities include a swimming competition, rock climbing, rope swinging, cliff jumping and rappelling behind a waterfall.

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