You can’t come to Costa Rica without seeing its most famous animal. It requires some wildlife spotting experience to find sloths in the wild.  Most of the time, they are immobile high up in the trees and often mistaken for leaves or termite nests. Binoculars are often necessary to get out of doubt.

Once a sloth is seen, you can fully enjoy seeing it before taking your camera. Their slow and lazy pace of life will allow you to get the best shots.

Sunblock  Camera
Water bottle  Insect Repellent
Naturalist Guide Fruit snack & natural juice
Spotting Scope Sugarcane juice extraction
NOTES Transport available for an additional fee from Puerto Jiménez and other destinations.
CANCELLATION POLICY Refund 48 hours prior to the trip, less 10% cancellation fee


The Valverde family had dream for years to develop at nature project on their beautiful peace of land. The idea of the sloth tour occurred when they realized that sloths were often seen on their property. They started to look for them on a restricted area and counted 8 of them. It is when they decided to reforest with fruit trees and other trees that the sloths, birds and other animals will appreciated. The pandemic came and 4 generation of the Valverde family got involved in creating trails, planting native and exotic trees, and building a small ranch to attend tourists. In 2021, they were ready to show tourists what they are more proud of: a wildlife & nature protection center. The sloth tour became the highlight activity of several tourists visiting in the Osa Peninsula.

An experienced certified and bilingual tour guide will be ready to pull out his spotting scope to show you some sloths up close. The amount of sloths to be seen in this tour keeps going up. In 2022, in a 3-hour tour, tourists in a single group have seen once up to 15 sloths including babies!


Sloths are slow-moving animals, but it is common to find them active as they spend a lot of time foraging for food and eating.


Learn interesting facts about sloths. In Costa Rica their are 2 different varieties. The two-toed and three-toed sloths. With chance, you might be able to see both kinds.

Your naturalist guide will talk about their behaviors, weekly routine, food diet and its predators.

Immerse yourself in Nature and Meet with a Sloth hanging up-side-down.



Interesting facts of this sleeping creature will be reveal. Have you ever wondered why sloths are slow? If they ever go down the trees? Is their fur soft? Are they really smiling? What are their main predators?


Enjoy a delicious fruit snack with the locally famous homemade ’empanada’.  You will be invited to squeeze sugarcane and drink the fresh juice prepared by you.


While looking up searching for sloths, you’ll certainly find additional interesting animals. A wide variety of bird species frequent the area. Take advantage of your guide telescope to see them up-close!

Aren't they cute?

They waiting for you, visit them in their amazing ecosystem.

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