Step into the rich history and agricultural life of the Osa Peninsula with our immersive Vanilla and Bamboo Tour. This unique experience offers a deep dive into the resilience, innovation, and dedication of a humble Costa Rican family who have transformed their lives and land into a real model of sustainable agriculture. Discover the lush landscape, where you’ll delve into the enchanting world of vanilla and bamboo cultivation. This tour offers an enriching experience, perfect for nature enthusiasts, culinary aficionados, and sustainable living advocates.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION 20 minutes North of Puerto Jimenez
Closed-up shoes  Water
Sunblock Insect repellent
Entrance Fees Bilingual  guide
PRICES $65 per person
NOTES Minimum 2 people.
Additional fee for roundtrip transportation from and to Puerto Jiménez.
CANCELLATION POLICY Refund 7 days prior to the trip, less 20% cancellation fee.


Meet Paco’s Family

Begin your journey by meeting the inspiring Paco and his family, who will warmly welcome you to their land. Hear their compelling story of resilience and determination, understand the challenges they encountered as they were expatriated from their agricultural land in the 1970s due to the creation of Corcovado National Park and how they overcame these obstacles with perseverance and ingenuity. Learn about the hardships they faced and the triumphs they’ve achieved along the way.

Witness firsthand how Paco’s family joined forces to innovate and improve their agricultural practices. See the fruits of their labor as they work together, combining traditional methods with modern techniques to create a thriving and sustainable farm.


Stroll along beautifully maintained walking trails that weave through the picturesque vanilla plantation. Enjoy the serene environment as you learn about this delicate and precious orchid. Discover the different varieties of vanilla grown in Costa Rica. Get introduced to the Vanilla Planifolia species and its unique characteristics and flavor.

Learn about the labor-intensive cultivation process, from hand-pollination to careful harvesting and curing, which contributes to its high market value. Gain insights into the meticulous care required to cultivate vanilla. The expert family has 30+ years of experience growing vanilla and will share best practices for growing and maintaining healthy vanilla plants and they will talk about the critical role of pollination in vanilla production. Discover the fascinating process of hand-pollination and its impact on the quality and yield of vanilla beans.

Get practical tips on how to use vanilla in your own kitchen. From baking to homemade extracts, become a master at incorporating this aromatic spice into your culinary creations.


Explore the different types of bamboo found on the plantation. Learn about the characteristics and uses of each variety, from ornamental gardening to structural applications.

Discover the traditional and modern methods of curing bamboo to prepare it for construction. Understand the processes that ensure bamboo is strong, durable, and ready for building. Paco will provide valuable tips on maintenance practices that protect bamboo from environmental wear and extend the lifespan of your bamboo creations.


Go on a hike in the primary forest surrounding the plantations and understand the importance of their commitment to environmental conservation. Paco will share stories about the challenges he has faced in protecting the forest, particularly against the threats posed by hunters and, most notably, lumberjacks.

Gain hands-on experience and a deeper appreciation for the hard work and dedication required in sustainable farming.

Join us for an immersive experience that blends education with the beauty of nature.  This tour is perfect for anyone interested in agriculture, environmental conservation, and the inspiring stories of those who turn adversity into opportunity.

From Flower to Flavor:

The Journey of Vanilla!

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