We are the Adventure and Waterfall Chasers
Chasing Waterfall, Golfito, Costa Rica

We are a team of avid adventurers always ready for a new adrenaline rush. Everything started with an immense curiosity of exploring Cerro Adam, the mountain behind just behind Golfito village. There is a back road that goes up to the top, passing different panoramic viewpoint, but our desire to explore deeper increased every day. In every excursion, Mother Nature always had surprises that blows our mind. It could be a stream full of shrimps, beautiful waterfalls, new view points, endemic and endangered animals, lagoons, natural swimming holes, underground caverns, old fruit trees indicating the presence of indigenous, centenary trees, vines waiting for us to play Tarzan, plants we’ve never seen before, etc.

Our desire to explore became an addiction. Soon enough, we started to travel with rappelling and climbing equipment and became the Waterfall Chasers of Golfito. Then we wanted to show the World our discoveries. Some places are just too beautiful not to show it with other adventurers.  We now dedicate ourself sharing all the most unspoiled hidden gems we had the privilege to discover in the last years. And obviously, we constantly go on exploration trips.